Finding motivated and enthusiastic applicants

The businesses we have spoken to suggest that employers will generally ‘recruit the attitude then train the skills’.  It’s not surprising then that motivation and enthusiasm are among the top-rated employability skills sought by employers.  But how can education and training providers teach motivation and enthusiasm?  The answer:  By working with you!

If you’re keen to work with local education providers to inspire people to pursue careers in your industry then contact us now.  Just two hours of your time could make a lifetime of difference to a young person who is making decisions about their future and improve the quality of applicants that apply for your jobs. 

Knowing where to advertise

The first challenge in finding the right people is knowing how to reach them.  If you’re advertising in one location and they’re looking in another you’ve already missed a potentially perfect candidate.

We appreciate that there are lots of different ways to advertise your vacancies and your approach may vary depending upon the vacancy itself but, did you know about two free sources of advertising that will reach jobseekers across the county and beyond?

Universal Job-Match 

Read Employers’ Frequently Asked Questions here

To register a vacancy go to Business Link vacancies

For Apprenticeship Vacancy Matching Service go to Apprenticeship Vacancies

If you’ve already used one of these online services, tell us what you think.  Did they help you find the right person?  Was the system easy to use?

Are you sure they are the right person?

Some people look great on paper and may even shine at interview but, what happens once they’re in your workplace?  The opposite can also be true.  How can you be sure that your perfect candidate wasn’t hiding behind that less than perfect CV or shaky interview?  There are a variety of ways in which you can unearth those hidden gems.  Which of these have you tried and tested?

  • Offering CV advice and mock interviews to jobseekers attending a local Work Club;
  • Working with Employment Support Agencies who understand their clients’ strengths and weaknesses and can ensure that you, as the employer, get the best of what they have to offer;
  • Sector-based work academies that include pre-employment training and pre-assessment centres so that you get the cream of the crop;
  • Offering work trials and work experience – try before you buy!

Which of these have worked for you?  What other approaches have helped you assess whether that person is the right person? Tell us here.