All businesses in Somerset are invited to get involved in the work of SESG and can support us in a number of ways:

  • By telling the Board when recruitment and training solutions aren’t working for you.  This can be done via the website or by hosting a Board meeting and sharing your ‘story’;
  • As one of a pool of employers that are happy for the Board to ‘touch base’ with them on the themes or ideas that need to be grounded with employers;
  • As an employer champion who will work with one of the Board’s working groups and be invited to regularly attend SESG meetings;
  • As a member of a small focussed project review panel that sense-checks projects run by others, particularly where these have an impact on employers and are designed to meet business needs.  Members of the review panel may occasionally be invited to attend SESG meetings;
  • By pledging in-kind support to progress priority activities.  This may include offering specialist expertise or resources such as PR support, project management tools, design and print services, testing new toolkits or offering use of meeting space;
  • By pledging financial support to progress priority activities.  This may include providing the private sector match-funding required to progress bids to flagship skills funding opportunities, such as the Employer Ownership of Skills, or sponsoring a young person to complete their apprenticeship.

Find out which Somerset businesses are already involved here.