In April 2018, Somerset County Council, in partnership with the Somerset Chamber or Commerce, launched the Education Business Partnership (EBP). It’s aim of bringing schools and college’s closer to Somerset’s businesses.

Funded by the Hinkley C Community Impact Mitigation Fund, the EBP project started in April2018. Ours looks towards the needs of Business’s, and ensures that Somerset’s future employees have the right skills to make our businesses thrive.

The EBP also helps our learning providers to meet the goals set by government, by offering direction and support.


Website – Coming October 2018

The EBP website will contain the following key information for employers:

  • ‘How To’ Guides on how to meet your goals for Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Guidance on targeting recruitment campaigns at younger people.
  • How to be a Disability Confident employer.
  • The ‘Education Snap-Shot,’ an overview of the Education System in 2018
  • How to promote YOUR sector to ‘education.’

Information and Data

The EBP can provide you with:

  • Specific Somerset information, such as our 14-19 Area Prospectus and Employability Guide.
  • Up to date Labour Market Information.


Everybody loves to be recognised for a great achievement, and there is no better way to do it than with an award. The EBP will have annual awards to give to those businesses which have worked well with education, and will hopefully encourage more to do so.

Talent Academies

The EBP is matching businesses to the sector based academies, which ensure that young learners are given a work based insight into the sector they want to make their career in. As well as this, the academies aim to ‘grow our own’ future specialists to prevent skills shortages in specific sectors in the future.

Get In Touch

If you are an employer and would like to get in touch with the EBP, please email