How does it work?

This group (usually abbreviated to the SESSG) is a planning group which sits under the Somerset Growth Plan. Covering 5 of the points listed in the plan, it forms ideas on how to address the points and governs the Task and Finish Group’s (TFG’s) which carry out the ideas.

The ‘Employment and Skills Strategy’ is a plan which sits beneath the Growth Plan. It contains four ‘strategic priorities’, which summarise all the ideas put forward by the SESSG. Please take a look at our Useful Documents section to find our ‘plan on a page’.

Our ‘strategic priorities’ are:

  • Ensure that our future workforce are highly skilled and properly prepared and motivated for their future roles both in the workforce and as responsible citizens.

  • Ensure that our current workforce are aspirational and, through the ongoing development of their skills, able to make a full contribution to the workforce during their working careers.

  • Work with our business community to realise local workforce potential.

  • Promote and develop higher skills provision in Somerset.

Every 3 months, the SESSG meet to ensure that progress is being made in the right direction.

The Group Members